Geothermal is a demanding industry and NEU understands all challenges that the industry is facing when it comes to deliver solutions for chemical applications.

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Geothermal power plants provide clean, renewable and affordable energy by using steam and hot water produced inside the earth to generate electricity. But operating such a plant offers a number of chemistry challenges that traditional power generators don’t face. Because geothermal generators can be located in wildly diverse locations and are exposed to wide variations in brine and steam chemistries, even from well to well, they require custom solutions from highly qualified chemical suppliers.

Neuchemie understands the challenges of geothermal power generation. Whether your operation is dry steam, two-phase, binary, hot rock or an enhanced geothermal system, Neuchemie takes a holistic approach to determining and implementing the right solutions. We offer a number of advanced modeling and analytic capabilities that help us understand the unique parameters of your operating environment, as well as an advanced portfolio of chemistries and equipment that deliver results in even the most demanding conditions.



Scale control is critical for continuous operation in geothermal power plants. Brine typically has very high levels of dissolved minerals, up to 30% in some cases, which can be concentrated to even higher levels as steam is removed in flash plants. Without right scale control program, the formation of scale and deposits will plug heat exchangers, piping and well internals. Neuchemie offers Geothermal challanges and brings innovative operational and chemical solutions that will help power plant operators to get the most out of their reservoirs. Neuchemie uses following means to select and tailor-made the most efficient products for the power plant:

  • Water Analysis,
  • Chemical Modeling,
  • Pilot Plant.

Neuchemie offers chemical solutions for Carbonate, Silica, Sulfate and Iron based scales and deposits.


Geothermal power plants extract high temperature, high pressure geothermal brine from deep earthen wells to transfer natural enthalpy into electrical power. Geothermal brine with low pH and high salinity can prove difficult to manage from a corrosion perspective. If corrosion is not well prevented, equipment life and plant assets are at risk. When corrosive failure occurs, plant productivity and revenue generation is also compromised. Neuchemie offers innovative solutions for geothermal corrosion control through tailor made products including new generation film forming corrosion inhibitors. Filming type corrosion inhibitors by Neuchemie are high temperature resistant and effective in both high salinity and highly gaseous systems of geothermal brine.


Cooling water is essential for an optimum operation in most of the production processes and geothermal power is one of these processes that use water as their cooling media for water cooled condensers.
The cooling system operation can directly affect reliability, efficiency, and cost of any industrial process. We apply our products to keep your system running at peak efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce water usage, and protect the environment with NEU expertise.

We offer the products and solutions to fulfil the needs of cooling systems water management.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Organic and inorganic Dispersants
  • Biocides